Three Witches

Just the usual cauldron hang

Witches: DOUBLE DOUBLE ANIMAL STYLE - CAULDRON SEETHE WITH RAGE AND BILE / Witch 2: Well, my pretty planet - let’s see what we can do with YOU! / Witch 2: I’ll sell people MORE and WORSE and CHEAPER things / Witch 1: I’ll promote superfluous currencies and technologies powered by PURE EARTH DESTRUCTION / Witch 3: I’ll create a communication platform, fill it with garbage, and let people fight over what’s left! / Witches: A ha ha ha ha aa ha ha ha ha / Witches 1 and 2: And then BLAST into space! Witch 3: And then live in the virtual world that I made in my GOGGLES! / <VROOM ZIP ZIP witches one and two take off on their brooms> / Witch 3: Guys?