Facts Aren't Feelings

Eggs aren't chickens

GRRRL: I thought knowledge was an end in itself / GIRL: First they came for our facts GRRRL: But they took it - to make money! And centrist political predictions! / GIRL: So we re-grouped at vibes GRRRL: You can't monetize my feelings! / GIRL: Then they came for our vibes. GRRRL: Uh-oh. / GIRL: Politics stopped being about facts. Technology stopped being about facts. GRRRL: Fascism's just vibes in a facts costume. / GIRL: Anyone complaining that search is broken - or AI doesn't tell the truth GRRRL: Feelings don't care about your facts / GIRL: doesn't understand what they're for GRRRL: Time to put on our KNOWLEDGE SHOES and head back to good ol' facts! / A sign reading "Good ol' facts" points to a haunted house / GIRL: I think whimsy is nearby GRRRL: Good ol' whimsy!

Vegan onigiri: Lily’s Vegan Pantry
Best onigiri: Katagiri, Lexington Ave location only
Opening up those little packages: still impossible