Cat and Girl's Gym for Serious People

Where the elite meet to get athlete's feet

Hate going to the gym? BEAR: The music is too loud! BEAR: The classes are too life-affirming! / Head on down to Cat and Girl’s GYM for SERIOUS PEOPLE “Where the elite meet to get athlete’s feet” / BAD DECISION DINOSAUR: “Gym” is so informal - I attend a JAMES / CAT: If you want to IMPROVE you have to CHALLENGE yourself / CAT: Mentally, physically AND aesthetically! / CLASSES - Butoh-robics - Sprechtswimming / CARDIO - Run-on sentences - Elliptical sentences / WEIGHTS - Documentary shorts - Frederick Wiseman / GIRL: I used to be able to read a whole book / SPECIAL SPRING PROMOTION Get ready for BEACH READING SEASON / Tempo reads / Interval reads / Long reads / Recovery reads / CAT: You’re going to think so much you’ll need a new hat!

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